The first step towards your new countertop project is researching what type of stone is right for you. SBN Marble Inc. carries several types of solid stone surfaces including Granite, Marble, Travertine, Limestone, Slate, Onyx and Quartz.

Granite- A very hard, resistant stone made of crystallized minerals. Its polish is not subject to etching by mild household acids, or scratching by mild steel under normal use. It is also not affected by typical kitchen heat such as hot cookie sheets. A polished slab of granite is also impenetrable making it very safe for food preparation and easy to clean and maintain.

Marble, Travertine, Limestone, Slate and Onyx - The main component in these stones is calcium, which means they can be affected by acids such as vinegar and citrus beverages. Typically, these stones are used for vanity and furniture tops and due to the fact that they are easier to scratch and affected by acidic substances, such as vinegars, ketchup, lemons/limes etc. we don't usually recommend using in kitchens.

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Quote Process

  • 1. Get a free quote Stop by our slab yard and show room to browse our selection. We will help guide you through the many colors we have in stock to find one that will work perfectly with your room. If you are trying to match other colors in the room it helps to have a paint, tile, or cabinet sample. You can also browse out online Slabs
    more info
  • 2. Show Us Your Plans In addition to the color you choose, we will also help you decide on the edge, backsplash and any other details that will work best in your space. Make sure to bring a drawing of your room with measurements so we can provide you with an initial quote based on these dimensions.
    *This is only an estimate and adjustments will be made upon templating to reflect exact measurements. more info
  • 3. ApproveCall us to approve the price quote Templates are generally scheduled on Monday or Friday.
    We will send you a contract and invoice for you to review, sign, and send back with a deposit of half of the total balance. We cannot start your job until we have this deposit. more info

We are with you every step of the way!

Template Process


No need to remove old counter-tops
You can leave them on all the way up to the install and we can remove them and haul them off the same day so you never have to go without countertops. In order to do your template, all cabinets must be set and we will need the following applicable items:

What you need

All items on this list will be needed when designing your template, to make sure everything is accurately cut

Sinks (for a farm/apron sink, please make sure the sink is installed and fastened to the cabinet)
Soap dispensers/instant hot (if under-counter)
Air switch for garbage disposal (if in counter top)
Hood/microwave mounted on wall (if doing backsplash all the way up behind stove)


Give your plumber a heads up!
A plumber will need to be scheduled to hook up your faucet, air switch, spray, hot water etc. We do not do any electrical or plumbing.


Fabrication time can vary, and during our busiest times it can take up to 2 weeks before your countertops are ready to be installed. We do our best to get your countertops installed quickly and will give you an estimated install date at the time we schedule your template depending on our schedule, necessity and the size of the project. Installs are generally scheduled Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.more info